Monday, March 1, 2010

Christmas Comes Early...

Well, today we had a good day of garbage picking.  It could have been a little better (like some 1SG wouldn't have stolen the High-powered Server that we had put aside), but we were able to get about 4 switches that are powered.  That means that they will run our phones without having to have power supplies for them...that is good news to garbage pickers!  You see, the electronic stuff is kept dry, segregated, accessible...while the power supplies for those electronics - Not so much!  So far we have found about 15 phones...and have three power supplies.  We were about to panic until we happened across those powered switches.

Cubs trivia of the Day:   Who was the last Cubs player to collect 6 hits in one game?
(My parents sent a Chicago Cubs 2010 team Calendar, with 365 days of fun facts and trivia!)

This better be the year, damn it!  I figure that I have been watching the Cubs religiously since about 1968 or 1969...and the closest they have come to the world series was the year that I couldn't have watched it, 1984. I was a plebe at West Point that year, and I was stuck getting updates from a guy in my company that was a year ahead of me and from Schaumburg.  The next closest was probably 1969, and my parents would have made me go to sleep before watching the World Series, since I was only about 3.  The third closest was the year of Bartman...and I really don't think that they deserved to be 5 outs away from the World series that year, anyway.  They deserved it more the first two years of The Lou.  I wasn't originally sold on The Lou, I preferred Girardi...but I think that things worked out best for both of them.  I think that The Lou has one more World Series in him...I sacrifice my ability to be there for the good of the team!  Go Cubs, forever.

On a side note, why do I call Lou Pinella "The Lou?"  Easy...there have been a lot of guys name Lou that have played the game before, heck there have even been a lot of guys name "A-Lou" that have played the game...but to me, Lou Pinella is "THE Lou!"  He just oozes confidence, how else could he get away with wearing that uniform?  Nobody can say that he looks "Good" in it...  But I love The Lou.  This is the year, I can feel it.  And if it's not the year?  There is always next year!

Its been raining here for four straight days.  Four days!  They haven't seen this kind of rain since Abraham's days...Mud everywhere!  I will take some pictures tomorrow.  Not flooding, just mudding.  It is weird.  Anyway, I must get back to 24...only 4 episodes left in season 1.  All coming to a head now.  Only complaint so far is Amnesia...really?  Amnesia?  WTF?  Amnesia?  Really?  All I could think of when that happened was,  "Is this Days of our Lives or something?"  Amnesia?  You have got to be kidding me.  If they pull that crap in season two, I might have to put 24 in the penalty box for a while and go watch Sons of Anarchy or something like that.  Amnesia...

Later all!


  1. Just to let everyone know, I will post the answer to the Cubs Trivia as a comment the next day. I want guesses!

    Also, I may have embellished a little on when I started watching the Cubs, but I know that I knew who Ernie Banks was in 1969...I think I called him my Dad or something like that.

  2. The answer to the Cubs Trivia Question was: Sammy Sosa, July 2, 1993. He went 6 for 6.