Monday, March 15, 2010

Sometimes, there is no right answer...

I have been dealing with a (lack of) communications issue with Baghdad since I got here.  They can't get a hold of me, or anyone on my team during the day.  I have given them plenty of phone numbers to try, plenty of email addresses to try...but they still don't get it, when we are actually doing our jobs (that would be spending time actually advising our Iraqi Counterparts) no amount of phones or emails are going to be able to get a hold of us.  I don't care how many times we explain the situation to them, either.  Even if I was to post someone on a phone 24 hours a day, they still would not have any communication with the rest of us.  Enough about that.

If anyone has any old Christmas lights that they want to get rid of, please send them my way...we are trying to set up a little "Margaritaville" on my back porch, and want to light up the place.  DON'T, I repeat, DON'T anyone go buy any and send them to me...only send old sets that you don't want.  If you need my address and want to send anything, please leave your email address and I will send you my mailing address.

Random Dave Barry Quote of the Day:  "Contrary to what women believe, it's fairly easy to develop a long-term, stable, intimate, and mutually fulfilling relationship with a guy.  Of course this guy has to be a Labrador retriever.  With human guys, it's extremely difficult.  This is because guys don't really grasp what women mean by the term relationship."

Cubs Trivia Question of the Day:  Which future Hall of Famer was manager of the Cubs from 1966 to 1972?
Answer tomorrow.

Later on, dudes and dudettes


  1. I'm pretty sure Leo Durocher was the Cubs manager 1966-72


  2. I didn't even need to look upside down for this one...Leo Durocher it was.