Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to the Real World, Iraq...

Well, today was, indeed, a busy day.  Got a lot of questions answered, meetings taken care of, and then more meetings taken care of.  The mud is kind of drying up, but it is sticky mud, kinda like cement without any structure...but in some cases, there at one time, gravel was placed on the road.  That gives it structure, and it hardens quickly like quick drying concrete.  The stuff sticks to you, too.  Really sticks to you, like you have to wash it off by layer, sticky!

Tonight was supposed to be Rugby night, so I really wasn't paying attention to what we were going to be having at the DFAC (I mean Mess Hall - For you Mark) for dinner.  On Sundays we usually play touch rugby until about 2000 and then not even go to dinner.  Remember the sticky mud?  The normal field we play on was reduced to a mud producing shoe size increasing machine.  It would seem that theis mud can take many properties.  When you try and stop on it, slicker than snot on a doorknob...but then when you try and get it off of your shoes, stickier than crazy glue with an epoxy-like property.  You try and take it off your shoes with your hand, it sticks to your hand.  You try and remove it from your hand with the other hand and it is now stuck to both...I think that the mud actually reproduces and replicates.  But where was I?  Oh yes, the DFAC!  So I went to dinner tonight and it is Soul Food night.  Not sure whose soul, but it was chock full of fried catfish, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Turkey Wings, and BBQ Ribs.  They had collard greens, potatoes and corn.  So I got some ribs and corn and Mac and Cheese and head over to what has become one of my favorite stations, the vegetable bar.  There it was, an unlimited supply of asparagus.  Yummy!  So I get to eating all this yummy goodness and I pry the top of my Diet Pepsi.  I finish up and grab a couple more Diet Pepsi's and head for the door to throw away my plate and stuff.  I hadn't completely finished my first Diet Pepsi yet, so I was busy doing that as I aren't allowed to carry out 3 drinks.  So I didn't notice this significant advancement in Iraqi technology.  Maybe you noticed it in the picture.  Yes, they now have pop-tops on the cans.  This is definitely a major leap forward into the 20th Century for them.  When did we get these in the States?  Like 1977 or something?  Anyway, welcome to the Real World, Iraq!

The Great Satellite Caper of 2010 is still not complete, but it seems like I can watch all of the scrambled channels...for about anywhere from 3-15 minutes at a time.  Then I have to turn off my box and turn it back on again.  Luckily there is only a 2-3 second turn-around.  It is something that I had to get used...still getting used to it.  But I was able to watch Liverpool beat Sunderland without much grief.  Excellent win for the Reds!

I must get going, have to get some work done.  Have a great Sunday everyone.


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