Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Return of the Mud People...

I am not sure that I adequately described my new living conditions before.  There is a lot of dirt everywhere.  So when it rains, it gets muddy.  And the mud seems to have a migratory pattern all its own, that literally leads to everyones door.  The picture to the left is the mud that I have to cross to get to the latrine.  It is not kind to shoes, boots, flip flops, or, in my case, Crocs.  I am not sure what it is, but muddy streets kind-of make me not want to walk to the dining facility.  I will post some other fine pictures of the fine mud that we have here.  The Crocs are muddy from AFTER my shower last night, and they are AFTER I cleaned the mud off of the top of them...I got mud in between my toes and up to my ankles!

I had a rather good day today, not much happened.  We got our storage room cleaned out, I found some Business Card stock (so I can print some business cards), and the great Satellite Caper of 2010 took a major turn for the better.  Seem like I get all of the channels now, they just go in and out because we don't have a very good base for the Dish to sit on.  It seems like the digital signal that "Authorizes" the scrambled channels needs to be damn close to perfect or it loses the ability to unscramble -- that, or they constantly send out a signal to screw with me so I have to turn my box off and back on.  Probably the latter.

Not sure yet what I am going to do tomorrow, just know that I have to fill out my OER Support form.  For those of you that don't know what that is, the OER is the Officer Evaluation Report.  The support form is the thing that you counsel the officer(s) that you rate.  The officer is responsible for filling out his own form.  It is one of those pain-in-the-ass things that you just gotta do.  So I have to knock that out tomorrow.  It also helps those that you rate write their own when they have your's...I just received my boss' support form, so I can finally do mine.  Then I can give mine to my XO so he can do his...he is a pretty squared away guy, so I am sure that he already has his done.  I am such a procrastinator.

Anyway, happy Saturday night to everyone, and I hope that it is a good one.  Please drink a beer for me...if all of my followers (14) have one for me, I will be pretty vicariously drunk!

Later all!

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