Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Great Satellite Caper of 2010

I finally received my Satellite equipment today from my good Muqqadam at the school.  Two satellite dishes, 3 LNBs and 2 receivers...I have no idea what all the stuff is for, so my interpreters are doing all the work.  A happy Muqqadam means happy interpreters to them, I guess.  The thing is, it is dark and they are still on the roof working.  They got a little TV up there, a long extension cord, all of the boxes...great if I want to watch on my roof, but we still haven't even run the lines into the rooms yet!  My XO and I each purchased the same two receivers, and will share the 2 Dishes and 3 LNBs...that is when we can figure out what the 3rd LNB is for.  May have to talk to the guy at the school, but this time with my interpreters there.

Anyway, today we had some rather senior ranking Iraqi Army and Police officials come to visit us.  When I get some pictures, I will post them.  I wasn't even taking any today, so I will rely on my guys that were snapping the photos to send to me.  I think that our little school is finally making a name for itself, since this is the second set of generals to visit in about a week.  We have the only battle simulation capability in Iraq, and I think that they are starting to see how valuable that training is.

I need to get back outside and "Supervise" the activities.  It really is kinda funny.  Don't want to miss anything hilarious or something like that.



  1. When you get it connected and are able to get the FX channel...check out their new series, "Justified." From the same people that brought you the "Shield." Is the other LNB on the satellite for HD or DVR? I just had that run in the house and needed a quad LNB for 2 DVR recievers.

  2. Actually, one LNB for Nilesat, one for Hotbird, and the third LNB goes on a separate Dish for Eusat W6 which is for the de-scrambler...I think this would not be possible in the US...and also, I don't even have a DVR. May have to get USB tuner for the computer to record stuff.