Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh how wise the army beast...

It is done.  In an instant our whole outlook on the next 10 months has gone sour.  We are officially moving over to the US side of our base.  Only now we lose our internet connections, our refrigerators, our televisions, and the worst part, our latrines.  The real funny thing is that we can't figure out why.  WHY?  All I can think of is that guy  in the jeep in the MASH movie, "G-d damned Army!"  At least, maybe, with a stroke of luck, I will get to play Rugby tomorrow.  And, at least I will still have my Itislanua (that gets NO reception over on that side).  I am not sure what they were thinking, since they will basically lose communications with us when we are in our rooms now.  Oh well.

Speaking of cell phone service.  It is horrible here.  We can never connect and never get through.  Sometimes it may take 5 or 6 tries to get through, and then you have the same problem on the other end (it has to connect to the phone on the far end)...unless you are an Iraqi, that is.  Don't know what it is, since they have the same service that we do.  They are getting phone calls and messages all day long, and their calls go through on the first try, every time.  What the??

Todays Cubs Trivia:  Which Chicago Cub was the last to not have a latrine in his hotel room on the road?  Just Kidding.  What was longtime Cubs infielder Woody English's given first name?

I need to start packing, but I am too much of a procrastinator to do it now.  The information is too new and still a bit surreal that we have to move.  At least I won't bang my thigh on my desk every time I go to the latrine...mainly because I won't have a latrine, but the thigh bruise will finally go away.  I'll miss that bruise!

More to follow on the woe is me pity party...

Hugs and Kisses to all!

Until tomorrow...

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