Friday, March 5, 2010

Return of the Pull-Off Tabs

Does anyone remember these cans?  I thought that the world left these things behind in like the 1970's or something.  I think that what we have here is that in the 1970s we gave the third world the machines we used back then to make soda cans, and then moved on.  So while the rest of the world went to the pop-top cans, they still have the pull-offs here.  Oddly enough, in America we take the stuff that doesn't pull off, pull it off, then send it to our schools where they do who-knows-what with, but somehow turn it into money... Just get a bit nostalgic every time I see one of these pull-top cans.

Its looking more and more like we are going to have to move over to the US side...which means no internet access, no TV, no showers, no bathrooms (in our rooms).  I can't wait.  Nothing like taking people who are miserable and making them more miserable, I always say.  I can't really go into it, but it won't make us any safer, either.

Notice the phone in the is a cell phone!  Seems they still have the big cell phones here, kinda like the old bag phones, only a little bit more powerful and modern.  They are made by Itisaluna, and they are basically large pre-paid cell phones.  Get good reception, too.  That is all for now.

Go Blackhawks!

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