Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary Dad

Today is the Anniversary of my Father's 25th Birthday...which one is a secret.  So Happy anniversary Dad!  Anyway, wanted to dedicate this post to some memories I have of one of the best friends and fathers anyone could ever have...even if he spends his days putting his fingers in people's mouths.

First Memory of my father:  Everyone has pictures in their heads of when they were growing up, but there is always one that stands out as the earliest one that lasts longer than about a few seconds...We were in Miami Beach, I was about 2 1/2 years old.  I remember wearing this awesome hat, kinda like the one that Gilligan wore in Gilligan's Island.  I was pretty scared of the Ocean, but if I threw my hat in, my dad would run into the water and get I through it in there about a thousand times...he always was there to get it for me.

Most Memorable Memory together with my father:  None other than Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Walter Payton, 275 yds, and possibly one of the greatest performances, in any sport, I have ever been in attendance for.  We actually have a lot of memories together at Bears' games.  He did take me down to meet the Honey Bears after one game (Cheerleaders, when they had them)...I took two friends with me...I was a hero, at least he made me feel like one.

Other great memories:  The time I won state in Freestyle Wrestling my junior year in high school.  My dad was there the whole time, cheering me on.  It was quite possibly the hottest days in Northern Illinois University history.  I wasn't supposed to do so well, either.  I remember doing some weird move in my final match and seeing my dad there watching, and somehow I knew that I was going to win the thing.  I was exhausted and probably would not have tried so hard had he not been there.  He made me feel like a champion.

Most of the other memories are too recent and too vivid to single out, but suffice it to say that I would definitely not be the man I am today without his constant support and advice.  And my love of Golf...I owe it all to him!

Thanks Dad, I love you.


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