Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gummi Bear Rationing

It has been over two weeks since receiving the 5 pound bag of Gummi Bears.  I still have over 2.5 lbs of it left.  I am not sure that anyone can grasp the amount of self-control that I have had to exhibit to maintain a strict Gummi Bear rationing schedule.  I am very grateful that my father, a dentist, bit his lip and sent it to me, against his better judgement as a dentist (who has personally placed most of the dental work into my mouth in the first place), and as a father acting as a gummi bear-aholic co-dependent.  I am, as I may have already mentioned in so many (or not so many) words is that I am a Gummi Bear Snob.  I can only eat the Haribo Golden Bears with any satisfaction.  I can (and have) eat the other kinds, but I get no satisfaction or pleasure relief from them whatsoever.  That's not true, I do get some pleasure, but it does not relieve me of my craving for the good stuff.

It is kind of funny, though, that the Iraqis really don't care for them...I have offered them up, and a few of them have even tried them.  But they usually just try them to be nice.  Not sure if it is the sweet-tartness, the chewy consistency, the thought of eating a bear of any kind, or just that they think that my fingers poisoned them or something.  They do, however, find much amusement in my addiction to them (as do I, or couldn't you tell?).

I laid some coin down on a new satellite TV system today.  Supposedly there is the Muqadam (LTC like me) at our school who knows a guy who knows a guy that can hook me up with about 4,000,000 channels for the low, low price of 187,400 Iraqi Dinar, or about $150...I figure that I am going to need it once the world cup starts up...small investment for free TV.  At least there is no monthly fee.  I am already paying $60 a month for Internet that is slower than dial-up on a good night.  But...it does bring me to you, at Ft Livingroom, America...Love you all, mean it!

Random Movie Quote:  "There's nothing wrong with a little feast on OUR Time?"  Don't know why I am stuck on Fast Times...

Later all!

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