Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today actually felt more like Hannukah than Christmas...8 BOXES came for me.  I had to open them outside there was so much goodness!  I am typing on my separate keyboard, using my cool new mouse, watching 24 on my flat panel while I type, eating a wonderful "Cookie Brownie" from my awesome cousin, sipping on a Blue Monster (they finally got stuff today in the PX) and now I might have to move all of this stuff to a new CHU in a few weeks.  They want us to go from having plumbing and small CHUs to the 1800's style with no plumbing (but they are bigger).  There is also about 4 inches of mud to walk through every time you go in or out of them.  I plan on keeping my people where they are for a while (or as long as I can hold out).

Didn't get much accomplished today, except maybe that I can now have an admin account on my computers here.  Yeah!  No more having to have some other guy load my software and reset my teams passwords.

I did, however, learn a few things today.  Can't think of any of them though...

Got to run.


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