Thursday, March 25, 2010

More of the Same

Not much happened today, except internet woes and communication breakdowns.  But that is getting to be normal around here.  The next thing to go is probably our one day a week that we are off.

Update on the great Satellite caper of 2010...we have it hooked up, but for some reason my thing won't work the other thing that gets me the unscrambled channels.  I traded my thing that wouldn't work with my XO, and it worked in his thing...and his that was working with his thing doesn't work with my thing...more to follow.  It worked for about a minute, so I know my thing works, maybe the connection is bad on the roof?  Who knows?

It is almost 11pm, and I still have my uniform on.  I guess I need to get out of this thing, but I just got done sending in some information on some visitors we had.

Better get to sleep now, I have to get up early on my day off tomorrow.


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