Friday, March 12, 2010

First Black Out...

Wouldn't you know it...the day after I buy a fridge and microwave oven, the power goes out.  Not just the normal kind of power outage that lasts a few minutes.  This was one that lasted all freaking day!  No water to shower with, shave with, no air conditioning, no NOTHING!  It finally came back on after a long and hot day.  We were over on the Iraq side of the base and they had power.  I mean, come on...those guys never have power.  Their commander's actually turn off the power to save diesel by not running the generators.  Every dollar they don't spend on Diesel, goes into someone's pocket...

So today was basically spent shooting the breeze with my guys, smoking cigars, drinking not-so-cold Diet Coke, and just generally not having fun on our day off.  I think that I will give everyone another day off this week, but will have to stagger it, since we have a class coming up.

I finally put up this full-length mirror that I found behind one of my wall lockers.  I call it the "Inspiration."  It is a little warped from being behind a wall locker against the wall for who-knows how long.  It bows a bit in the middle.  It makes you look fat around the mid-section.  Not as bad as a circus mirror, but just enough to say, "HEY!  I can't be THAT Fat!"  Pushing it towards the wall a little reveals a better picture, but I will stay with the inspirational look for motivation.  I need to rid myself of my "spare tire."

I did have a good breeze going through my room today, only draw-back is I now have a flying insect problem.  I need to get a good bug zapper, purely for entertainment value.  Anyway, glad the first power outage is behind me.

I am going to sign off now and have some microwave popcorn...what else would I have gotten a microwave for?

Later Gators...  

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