Thursday, March 18, 2010


At last, I have found the fountain of youth and vitality.  Who would have thought that it was lying in wait for me in some obscure Iraqi store buried on Taji somewhere?  It is none other than "Balli Cerez."  And that is Cerez with a funny looking squiggle on the bottom of the C...  Right there on the label it reads, "For every one who wants to be young with a strong mind and nerves for every old man who dreams to have his youth back."  And then there is this picture of some bodybuilder on it.  What this stuff is made of is pure honey and a bunch of chopped nuts...all kinds of nuts.  What it tastes like is honey, mixed nuts, and a hint of pencil shavings.  Not that I know what pencil shavings taste like, but there is this aroma coming from it while you eat it that reminds me of how pencil shavings smell.  It is actually quite good.   I can't decide if the muscle dude posed with a jar of the stuff on his head, or it was super-imposed...Maybe I should ask the talking goat?  It is actually produced in Turkey, and, apparently has a two year shelf life.  But honey is good like that.

Dust storms tonight, so I can almost taste the dust coming into my CHU.  The stuff blows so hard that any crack to the outside is very evident.  I am not doing too bad.  But it is a cold night...which I don't mind too much.  I will love to have something this cold in about a month, I am sure.  I am trying to type this post without looking at the keys...practicing my typing skills!  But I seem to only be really good at the back space key right now.  Ok, typing experiment over.  I stink at it.

I am off tomorrow, but I am not sure, yet, what I am going to do.  Possibly, finally, get to the gym?  Maybe?  Who knows.  Maybe I will just sleep in and then get up and do my taxes.  I really have a lot of energy right now...wish that I had something to do or someplace to go, actually.  Might have had something to do with the two Blue Monsters I have had tonight?  Who knows.

I began my investigation into the moth balls, or lack thereof, here at Taji.  Since most people that are here did not go anywhere else in theater, they all give me blank stares when I ask about them.  It could also be because I have yet to see a urinal here at Taji...only stalls.  Hmmm, that is something else that needs some investigating.  Already off on a tangent investigation.  For some reason, the Iraqis have a holiday on Sunday, so no real work for us until Monday.  We will work half-days on Saturday and Sunday to ensure we stay on our "A" game (RIGHT!).  We will work, but only enough to make sure we don't have to work very hard on Monday.

Must go in search of something to do...

Later all!

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