Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ooh, ooh that smell...

As my family can attest to, I do like the occasional bag of microwave popcorn.  Ok, it is more than occasional, it is pretty much nightly.  I have been without the stuff for quite a while.  So last week, when I finally got a microwave oven I bought some popcorn to make.  Well, that was the day that the power was out, so I didn't get to try any for a day or so.  What did I do the first day?  Burned it, of course.  Burning microwave popcorn is a kind-of rite-of-passage for any microwave oven/operator...but the smell is pretty terrible (even though I do like the taste, sometimes).  Now imagine burning microwave popcorn in your small bathroom at home, not having an exhaust fan, and having to sleep in there, too.  So I ate that bag on the front porch with the door and window open to get rid of the smell.  Those first three bags that I bought were the "light" butter variety, and didn't have much odor when popped (correctly).  Well, I am on my second batch of popcorn, this time I went for the butter lovers.  I didn't bother to open the window (just the door) while i ate a perfectly popped bag of the Butter lovers.  I am not sure that I will ever be able to eat this stuff again.  The stench is overwhelming...more so than the burnt popcorn.  Kind-of a mix between buttery goodness and milk puke.  Not appetizing at all.  I am going to stick to the light butter from now on.  Lesson learned.

Today was a good day at work.  We got a lot accomplished and had a great sit down with my IA counterpart, the Brigadier.  I am going to let him remain anonymous.  He was giving us all kind of Iraqi cultural stories from his childhood and some of life's lessons that he has learned.  Funny thing...they are the same life's lessons and stories that ALL of us have, especially the ones from a large extended family.  He has the same trouble with his kids that we have with our's, he has the same spousal troubles that we have with our's...the list goes on.  They do, however, have the gift of you say something is almost as important as what you say.  But always, no matter how uncomfortable the topic might be, we leave laughing and happy.  Our Brigadier has great timing for laying down a zinger and then laughing our arses off.  Anyway, good, happy day all around.

Cubs Trivia Question of the Day:  Who was the only Cubs Player to lead the National League in home runs in the 1970's?  Answer tomorrow in the comments.

Random Movie Quote of the Day:  "You know dude, I, myself, dabbled in pacifism at one point...not in Nam, of course."

Hmm, just realized that there aren't any moth balls here...I must investigate this strange phenomenon!  More to follow.

Out Here...


  1. I guess either Billy Williams (early 70s) or Dave Kingman (late 70s)

  2. The Answer would be Dave Kingman 1979 with 48 Home Runs