Monday, March 8, 2010

Its Alive!

My CHU senses that something is wrong.  This morning my water wouldn't work I couldn't shower.  It must have sensed that I will be moving out of it soon.  After it went out of its way, and all, to welcome me with a massive flood to the bathroom with comfortably warm water...I hope that I will at least be able to escape without some kind of electrical incident.  That would be bad.

Still waiting to hear the results of the elections, but they went very smoothly for where we are.

Not much happened today...Did go to my first military version of a garage sale, though.  A unit out of Ohio is getting ready to leave in the next week, and they are trying to sell all of the electronics and appliances that they bought while they were here.  Very good deals, plus they were giving away three big freezers.  I think that we took one of them.  Not sure where we will put it, but it will hold a lot of steaks!  They do sell steaks in the PX.  Now that I have Dale's sauce, I can see us grilling steaks more often.

Later all...

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