Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Bees Knees...

Rugby is the Bee's Knees.  Well, it does something to my knees.  Hard surface, no cartilage in the knees makes for a pink beacon of light coming from my knees.  The lights didn't come on until a few minutes after dark, but I am serious, we didn't need them.  The pink light was enough.  I am starting to really look forward to our Sunday afternoon touch rugby sessions.  We go from about 1730 until about 1930, which is a pretty long time to be out there running and playing, essentially, 7s.  Even when I was fit and had good knees I would only practice 7s about an hour and a half...So there is at least one night a week that I can feel like an athlete again.

I actually found that rubbing my knees with cold Diet Pepsi cans is kinda like an ice massage, so I have been doing that when I get home from Rugby.  It is kind of a silly site to see; luckily no one can see me.  But I guess you guys have that mental picture now, so my secret is out.

In the wacky world of Army stuff...this just in:  Those vehicles that we told you you can transfer over to another group that has already gone through...yeah, reverse that action!  Unbelievable.  Not sure what happened there, and if I wouldn't have asked a silly question to a benign email, we would have transfered the vehicles already and not even had them...not that we need them, or have EVER even moved them.  What a waist.  Anyway, don't go screaming to your congressmen, they have enough problems trying to spend our hard earned money on health care reform that will completely ruin our health care system.

Random Dave Barry Quote of the Day:  "But the point is that the male is trying.  He believes that having sex is the central biological reason for his existence.  All guys do.  We guys get accused of just wanting to have sex a lot, but the truth is that we have been entrusted with an extremely important responsibility--the very survival of the species--and by gosh we're going to try to carry out this responsibility, even if it means we have to try to have a lot of sex.  Don't thank us; we're just doing our job."

Good night all, and have a happy tomorrow!

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