Sunday, March 14, 2010

Strong Men Also Cry...

I guess that I created a stir today when I posted that title on Facebook.  No, I am not depressed, hell, I haven't even cried in about a week.  I was watching one of my personal favorites, "The Big Lebowski," and that was the last line that I heard before I had to shut down and go to Rugby Practice.  I come back, and BAM...everyone thinks I am suicidal at the worst, and depressed at best...Rest assured everyone, the only time I have even come close to crying was when they told me I had to give up my bathroom...and that was just for about a day or so.

So why am I such a Big Lebowski fan?  I have no idea.  The movie kind of grows on you.  The first time I saw it I thought that I must have seen the wrong version or something, because I thought it sucked.  Then I forced myself to watch it about 4 or 5 (hundred now) times until I "Got it."  The Dude abides...simple, yet elegant.  I guess we all kind of wish that we could be known as "The Dude" from time to time, but were either too timid to "Self Apply" it, or there was no one around bold enough to give it to us.  I did go steal a rug from a guy in a wheelchair (actually I bought it because I couldn't find a guy IN a wheelchair)...but it DOES tie my room together.  It is tan so it can hide the dust well, and goes with the whole desert motif.

I would, on a side note, like to thank all of my well-wishers who were concerned with my mental state earlier today.  It is very warm and comforting to know that while I was out laughing it up, playing touch rugby, all of my friends were worried sick about my mental stability...except for my neighbor, Rick...he knew better.  I almost shed a tear for the Blackhawks tonight...two freaking nights in a row!  C'mon fellas!

I must retire for the evening.

Later all...

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  1. A rugger is only depressed when he has to watch England vs. Scotland draw at 15-15 on just, that was brutal, but it sure beats not being able to watch top flight rugby.