Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Gummi's are IN!

Today was not such a great day.  Meetings postponed, tons of slides to complete, Rugby was a no-go, was told we have to move to far worse accommodations, and then...the Gummi Bears arrived.  All is well with the world now.   I am truly addicted to the things.  I hope that I can ration them off to myself so as not to finish them all off in one night.  I also received a big bottle of Pub Mix from Sam' other (un)healthy addiction.  Had some B-R again today, still feeling the calories burned off of me from watching people run a half-marathon.

Rugby didn't go so well tonight...I showed up, my NCO showed up, but we didn't have a rugby ball...and no one else showed up so we were out of luck.

Much thanks must go out to my parents and to my golf partner, Mick, for the boxes full of goodness from home!  Mick sent me the Pub Mix, and he also sent a HUGE bag of peanuts salted in the shell...I cannot get those things here.  My parents sent the Gummi Bears...lots of them.  And a HUGE bag of Pistachios, another one of my favorites.  I now have lots of wasta amongst my peers.

Love to all, and to all a GOLD night.

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