Monday, February 8, 2010

Dry Skin Troubles

Yesterday, my hands were so dry that a small cut on the tip of my thumb has turned into a crack the size of the Grand Canyon...the dry skin just keeps tearing and re-tearing.  Unfortunately, I forgot I had a bottle of liquid bandage, so it went on for a day.  Stuff does well to keep the skin together...just gets to looking kinda nasty after a while.  AND BURNS LIKE HELL WHILE IT FILLS IN THE CUT!  We are talking HOLD YOUR BREATH AND PASS OUT Pain.  Which I almost did.  You never realize how much you use your fingertips, especially your dominant thumb, until you get a gash of this magnitude.  The rest of my fingers are just dry.  I have pretty much emptied a trial size bottle of lubriderm in the past two days.

Well, I had my two beers last night watching the superbowl...and finally got to sleep at about 0630.  Slept until about 0900, then got up for the day.  It is 2216 now, and I need to get some quality sleep.  But I swore I would write every day if I could, so I am, damn it.  I guess I am a little cranky, too.  Glad the Saints won.  Can I get a Who Dat?  Didn't get to see any of the commercials, were they good?  Since AFN gets all of the programming for free, they aren't allowed to show any commercials, EVER!  If anyone has a good link to where they all are, please send it to me!  Maybe in a few days I will be somewhere with a faster internet connection that I can stream some of them.  Best get to bed now.


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