Friday, February 5, 2010

First Real Day Off

Today was my first real day off...only had two meetings and a telecon to participate in.  I did, however, get to sleep in until about 1000.  So I guess it was a morning off.  Just found out that I will be taking a new job further up North in the next few weeks.  Not sure if I will be staying at my current location much past next week, so if you haven't sent me anything...please hold off until I get a new address.  I have a feeling this won't be my last move, either.  I hope that the Air Force has a frequent flyer program.  The sad thing is that I may not get to say goodbye to my TC Commander, who is on leave right now.

I am getting impressed with my rather useless superpower of being able to dry my hands with toilet paper.  Another bathroom tidbit of note, it has been at least three days since I have smelled any mothballs...maybe they are running out?  I also find it rather amazing how the days fly by here like lightening, yet the weeks keep dragging and dragging like they aren't going by at all.  Strange deployment phenomenon.


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