Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Loneliness of Command

It's not that you are lonely in command, but it kind of feels that way.  I have taken the approach that if I say to do something, and I keep up my end of the bargain...my people will come through.  So far, so good.  It is also nice to be a LTC this time around.  I remember when I was in Battery Command, and I would tell guys to do things, it might have gotten done, and it might not have...now it seems like either I have more clout, people are more scared of what I will do if they don't do something...or I am making some sense and they agree with me.  I'd like to think it is the latter, rather than the first two, but whatever accomplishes the mission, right?   I finally have my two phones, though!  World domination is right around the corner.

Has anyone ever seen a show called Army Wives?  Have any REAL Army Wives ever seen it?  Just wondering.   I still will never watch it, but was just wondering how well it captures real Army living, or is it just a bunch of staged hooey?

I am going to start watching 24 tonight, and, as the title up there implies, I am going it alone.  Not because command is lonely, but because I am the only human left here that hasn't watched the thing.  I keep getting answers like, "Let me know when you get to season 4..."  Anyway, I embark on my Jack Bauer adventures tonight, so see you guys in a few weeks.

Better get going now, just spotted a family of dust bunnies running across my floor...how dare they interrupt my 24!


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