Thursday, February 4, 2010

Home, Home on the Range...

     Well, kids, we finally went to the rifle range today.  Not the kind I am used to.  No Pop-up targets, no marked left and right limits, no paper targets with silhouettes on them, no loudspeaker, no safety officer, and no numbered lanes.  We did a short safety brief, walked down to whatever structure was near the berm, and stapled some white paper on whatever was there, placed some water bottles, walked back to our firing points and started shooting.  I am a horrible shot, by the way.  Of the first 15 9mm rounds I shot, only about 6 hit one of the 8.5x11 sheets of paper that I had.  But I had fun with the M4.  At least there is a laser dot you can put on the target and be somewhat accurate.  I splashed a few water bottles with it, and burned some wood with a few tracers.  But, the best part, was putting the thing on three-round burst setting and emptying the magazine.  Not too accurate, but very fun!

     Tonight I am going to watch the whole X-Men series.  I watched Wolverine:  X-Men Origins today, and it kind of got me fired up to watch the whole series.  No work tomorrow, so I can sleep in.  Just hope I can remain awake for the whole series.  The copy of Wolverine that I got was a pre-final release, apparently.  I have never seen anything like this.  You could still see the wire-harnesses, some of the Computer Generated Graphics weren't colored in yet, and you could tell when these used the Green Screen, because they hadn't refined it yet.  Totally bazaar, but cool at the same time.  Well, tomorrow is my weekend, so I will start it off tonight with a fine Cuban Cigar and then the X-Men Marathon.

Later Gators.

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