Monday, February 1, 2010

Just because it fits...doesn't mean you should stick it in there!

Well, today I had my first "Blow Out" so to speak.  The difference between 220V and 110V finally came to a head when I thought, hmm, I have this american power strip and an adapter, why can't I just plug it in?  Well,, you can't.  All you get is a warm pop, and then your outlets don't work...the smell is better than moth balls, so I can't complain too much about that.  But now at least two of my outlets don't work.  I may have to physically move my desk to where the outlets work, otherwise I see myself tripping over the cords at night.  Basically, I have just learned that just because it looks like it will fit, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should stick it in there.  Don't mess with power, it can be your downfall kids!

Anyway, we had a visit from a General Officer today.  Not just an officer of a general nature, like me, but a real Brigadier General!  (That is a picture of me with a Captain that came over with us)  Stayed a couple of hours and had a few office calls with us and our Iraqi counterparts.  Good stuff, but raised our stress level a bit today.  Should be back to normal tomorrow.  Anyhow, I will feel better if the training we had going on today is continued tomorrow...that will mean that it wasn't just a show for the General.  Fingers crossed!

Time for Chow.


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