Friday, February 19, 2010

Mmm, Baskin Robbins...

Here in Iraq...everywhere, I might add, lurks a certain kind of evil.  I have found that evil in every desolate dining facility I have visited in this sandbox, only to succumb to its delightful temptations, night after bloody night (a little British lingo I picked up over the past few days whilst meeting with the NATO guys).  This evil has followed us all from the US, and, because we are trapped here like captive heathens, we are forced to walk by it, meal after meal after meal.  Why does the Army, weight conscious as it is, allow an evil like this into our dining facilities and then force us to parade by it on our way in and out at every meal?  Why?  Because Baskin Robbins ice cream is FREAKING DELICIOUS, that's why!  I prefer one scoop of Cookies and Cream after lunch and Dinner, unless, of course, they are out.  Then I have to have a scoop of Jamoca Almond Fudge (my mom's favorite).  I must say, eating ice cream is not something that I do very often in the states...but then again, I don't have to look at, in all its goodness, at every meal.  We definitely have some happy soldiers here, and some would say that Baskin Robbins has something to do with it.  (This was not a paid advertisement for Baskin Robbins, and no ice cream was hurt during the writing of this Blog)

I miss the states, but I miss it less and less with every yummy scoop of ice cream!

Thanks B-R!

Later on...

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