Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Out-of-Phase Hockey Watching

For those that don't know me...I love Hockey!  I love everything about hockey, now that they have gotten rid of the two line pass and the tie.  I just can't actually play hockey.  So I guess that Hockey is my favorite sport that I never could play.  I am afflicted with the "can't ice skate to save my life" gene.  So I will be going to bed early tonight so that I can show my dedication to the sport and wake up at 0330 to watch the game between Oh Canada and my beloved Team USA.  I have been to the ice in Lake Placid, its about time we win the gold again.  That made no sense, but I am keeping it there.

Today was a frustrating day for communications.  Not the easy reliable kind, like Skype; but, the even easier kind, more reliable kind, like a freaking phone!   We have these VOIP phones that have stuff in them that have a unique code on them that allows us to plug a CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable into them that allows them to connect to a machine that should go bing, but doesn't...and that thing sends a signal to another thing that routes it someplace past the moon and then back down to another machine that should go bing, but doesn't.  And, after all that, a phone should ring and I should be talking.  I found out that it isn't that easy.  Supposedly there are these guys who are more difficult to deal with than the phone companies that everyone is used to, that have control over which unique codes get to connect and which ones don't; and, we have to convince these guys that have nothing better to do with their time than play softball and flag football to enter our little code in a computer somewhere so that our phone will be allowed to make phone calls and receive phone calls, and whatever else that you will do with a phone.  All I want is for when my boss calls, it can be to a phone that I am 1) in the same building as, and 2) able to answer within 5 minutes.  Currently the closest phone is about 5 minutes walk away.  Luckily, these phones aren't ones that normal people can call, only ones that military people can call.  It seems like it was easier in the days when all I needed to do was fill some form out in triplicate...

Some people have been asking for more photos, so I will try and take a few over the next few days and then ration them off to you people.   There is a great Desert Storm/Iraqi Freedom graveyard of destroyed tanks and such here where I am at, and I will get some of those pictures posted.  May even post some of myself if your lucky.  With luck, my grand plan for world domination through the acquisition of a military phone system will be complete by tomorrow.  Will keep you all posted.

Until USA beats Canada...

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