Monday, February 22, 2010

If you think it's a desert, but it's's IRAQ!

I have heard a lot of names for this place, most of which were while I was still in the states.  People referred to this place as the sandbox, the desert, etc.  All unverifiable while in the states.  I pictured sand dunes and Lawrence of Arabia crap.  I pictured camel riders and beach like sand dunes that were impossible to drive and walk on.  Instead, what they have here, is what I call neglected earth.  It rains for two days in a row here and green stuff starts sprouting up.  Imagine a clay-like substance mixed with some sand that dries in about a New York minute after it rains.  The footprints literally harden as you step out of them, making leveling of this stuff damned near impossible.

We had one of our first dust storms tonight.  I had to put on glasses to go outside in the dark.  Luckily they give us these absolutely fabulous looking clear sunglasses...we would of killed to have these things in shop class, but now...not so much.  I finally bought a coffee mug yesterday, and dividends were paid off immediately.  Since I was up for breakfast after watching the Hockey game, I was able to fill myself a double cup and take it with me to work.  Today's work was spent talking around in circles with the general.  It was kind of funny, as the advice I gave him this morning became his brilliant idea of the afternoon.  I guess that is what I am here for.  Any way I can make them see the right answer for them, I feel rewarded.  Still haven't gotten the phones to work, but crossed fingers may bring resolution in the morning.

I have all of the episodes of 24 sitting in front of me, just can't get started.  Almost want to get someone to commit to watching it with me, kind of like a lifting partner (only lazier), someone to push me into watching it.  I hear it's good.  I think that I am one of the only people left on this earth that has never seen 24, ever.  Just got done watching every episode of the 4400.  The series was good, but the lack of a conclusion was rather disappointing.

I have stayed away from the B-R monster for the whole day...yeah me.

Until next time...

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