Sunday, February 14, 2010

Class is in Session

Our students are now back from the weekend and we had them organized to start their battle simulation.  When I say organized, I mean slightly more organized than a Chinese fire drill, but less organized than a kindergarten fire drill.  It was kind of fun, but I had to pull out some of my computer geek skills to make some stuff happen.  I didn't mind doing it, just kind of feel a little over-paid to load mapping software on 6 computers...but someone had to do it, right?

Ate dinner over on the American side tonight...they have more variety in their big mess halls, as opposed to our small one over on the Iraqi side.  Don't worry about my safety, we are on an American Camp, but on the Iraqi side of the base.

It's Sunday night here, Valentine's Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, especially my lovely wife, Susie.  I hope the Olympics are over soon, I feel compelled to watch them, and they are on all night long here!  I am getting some sleep I bid you all a fine farewell for the evening.

After While, Crocodiles!  

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