Saturday, February 13, 2010

Running the Gauntlet

Tonight I decided that in order to learn my way around here, I would have to run the gauntlet between my place and the main post here.  I have to travel over a bit of Iraqi army base to do this.  The risk was great, but the reward was Taco Bell and a triple white chocolate mocha!  Also, I found out (after the fact), that I was supposed to bring someone with me at night.  Driving here is kinda weird.  There are no streetlights, but lots of people walking on the streets.  They all have reflective belts on, but that doesn't mean you can see them until you are right up on them.  The speed limits are also like 20mph or 10 mph.  Driving 10mph on a long stretch of road reminds me of trying to drive 30mph down Landmeier Rd. in Elk Grove when you are late for something...Nearly impossible, but, if you can believe it, the MPs are worse than the Elk Grove cops for writing tickets.

New Dining facility here, they have real towels to dry our hands...they also have the toilet paper-like stuff, so I get to maintain my useless super-power...small victories!  Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I miss you.


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