Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have a new skill!

As of today, I now have perfected a new skill. This isn't something that you can teach another person, instead it is a skill that you have to learn all by yourself, by trial and error.  I have been here for about three weeks, so it isn't something that you learn right away.  And you can't let your guard down, either.  Once you learn this skill you must still pay attention to what you are doing, or you will fail.  Miserably.  This skill, of course, is drying your hands with toilet paper.  They don't actually give you toilet paper to dry your hands with, they instead give you a paper towel like dispenser that dispenses stuff even thinner than toilet paper.  And we wash our hands here A LOT!  I think that in the first three weeks I have been here I have already increased my hand washing by a power of three.  The toilet paper we get to wipe our bums is actually thicker than the stuff they give us to dry our hands.  I am not kidding.  The embarrassing danger here is not having a toilet paper trail on your boot, it is having toilet paper remaining on your hands in the lunch line.

Today I experienced the first bit of help from a bunch of guys sitting around in a Headquarters somewhere with absolutely nothing to do...but 12-14 hours in which to do it.  Received a lot of help on a training set-up that is out of our control...lets call it a Sh@t House...that isn't what it is, but the help I am getting is about the equivalent as the help a person a thousand miles away can give to building a sh@t house.  At least I can put the problem off for a few days since I think the commander may by on leave.  Anyway, I think that I will watch a movie...maybe.  Anyway, I have written enough for one evening.

Later Taters.

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