Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Day...Lot's of Dollars

Long day today.  First day for this exercise that we are running.  Still closer to a Chinese Fire Drill than the Kindergarten variety.  But better.  Much Better.  Sometimes you feel like Mel Gibson in Braveheart trying to get these guys (the Iraqi Officers) just to Lead their soldiers and other officers.  Small victories in this arena so far during this exercise.  I have actually met some great Iraqi officers that have graduated from our Army War College in PA.  We finally got all of the communications problems fixed, and now have to just worry about VIP visits over the next few days.  Soon, I will be the senior guy on the ground, and have no idea what I will do with that kind of clout (like I will really have any).  At least my contractors are staying behind to help me.

I signed for all my property, lots of dollars worth of property.  Luckily, I have a great supply/admin NCO that can keep track of it all.  Tonight was wings night at the Dining Facility, and they had Smoked ribs as well.  They were all good, many flavors...someone please send me some DALE's SAUCE!  I am going thru Dale's Sauce withdrawals.  That is really the only thing that I miss, food-wise.

Later on...

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  1. Good luck over there Shaps... Keep posting to the blog. Look forward to tracking your posts.

    NO DALES FOR YOU!!!! lol.