Saturday, February 20, 2010

Respect the Pineapple!

Just when I thought that I had the whole dining facility "Procedure" all figured out, it backfired on me.  You see, they have this awesome little station that carves up the gourmet selection of the day.  Almost the entire week they have been serving these delicious smoked ribs and some thick cuts of Prime Rib...only problem, it lies in the middle of the facility, and I have never remembered to look to see what they have there before getting in the main line to get the meal of the day.  But today I was ready.  I didn't even look at the main line and went right to the special little carving station, only to find that it was CLOSED!  I felt like an idiot getting back into the main line, but the pepper steak was just wasn't prime rib or baby back ribs.  I did, however, resist the B-R temptation tonight.

However, over this deployment, I have discovered my Kryptonite.   I am rendered completely powerless by fresh pineapple.  There must be something in my DNA that compels me to stand in the long line for some freshly cut pineapple.  I mean FRESHLY cut...there is a guy there cutting the stuff and shoving it on your tray with the knife he cut it with.  I have always loved fresh pineapple, I only like the canned stuff...don't love it, just like it.  The canned stuff has no power o'er me, though.  I, however, respect the pineapple.  The kind of respect I have for pizza.  The kind of respect that will not allow me, under any circumstances, to place pineapple on my pizza.  To me, that is disrespectful to the wonderful goodness that each brings to the world.  They should have the undivided attention of my pallet.  Not something jumbled together where I can't tell where one starts and the other begins...Respect the Pineapple (and the Pizza)!  (One pineapple did have to be killed in preparation for the writing of this Blog).

Now if I could only get a decent Pizza here...
(I don't consider Pizza Hut decent pizza)


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