Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is this your final Answer?

Just got the word today that I will, indeed, be moving to a new location next week.  Seems like I just got here to Shaibah Training Center, and off I go again.  The Air Force really does need a frequent flyer program.  Hopefully all of my baggage will be allowed to go.  They "Say" that I am only allowed two bags.  Anyway, got up early for a COB run to Basrah.  Uneventful, but did get a slice of Pizza Hut pizza and a Blue Monster to drink while I was there.  I still like our dining facility better than the two giant ones at Basrah.  At least I will get to watch the Superbowl here with the guys that I have come to know over the past week or so.  It would have sucked to watch the game in some air terminal somewhere...and missed out on my two "special beverage" provisions.

Not much else to write about today, except that I learned how to book plane reservations in the Air Force system.  Pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  That's it for now.

Later Gators.

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