Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Day Viewing Training

Today I finally got to do what I was sent here to do...advise and assist.  Well, mostly, I told this guy that speaks Arabic what I thought, and he told it to the Colonel, who in turned told this guy stuff in Arabic, who then told me something in English.  We could have been having two completely different conversations for all I know.  I have learned how to pick out numbers and days, pretty I know when they are talking about those things...kind of, anyway.  Their days of the week sound a lot like numbers, only one off from what you would think they should be.

I did take Rosetta Stone Level I Arabic through unit III, only to find out that Arabic is a level IV language, and, according to my DLAB score (an army test to see if you have the ability to learn languages) I am not even capable of learning a level II language (like Spanish).  Tomorrow should be a fun day...will tell more about it after it happens.

Later all.


  1. Jeff, A first for me--I'm replying to a blog! Not being a social networking type, this is new territory for me so I will follow yours closely--yes, you just felt a tremor! I look forward to your updates, having made a few deployments myself--your sense of humor will carry you for a long time. Oh yeah, what the heck is a Hairbo Gummi Bear? The note from Susie about these conjured up images of your cat coughing but I'm certain this is not what you're wanting...

  2. Hi Jeff:

    You have inherited my math ability and my inability to learn languages also--I took Latin and that was about as far as I got. Good Luck--Body language will probably tell you more than the spoken word, as well as looking people straight in the eye. Costco didn't have the Suzie flatbreads or the Gummi Bears, but I know Wal-Mart does. Also will be sending some B+Complex vitamin supplements, Mrs. Baer said to take a good multi-vitamin also. Love you, Mom

  3. Those were Haribo Gummi Bears. The Original Golden Bears from Germany. They have them everywhere. I am taking Centrum Performance, so hopefully that is enough of a Multi-vitamin.