Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well, Basrah is...well, pretty bad.

So far, this is the worst place I have been. I am not even considering the fact that the put a Lt Col up in a 50 person tent for two days, because that doesn't bug me to much. While I am on the subject of bugs...lots of them here. For some reason there are flies and mosquitoes in the millions flying around. Good thing for the moth balls, eh? Did you know that moth balls come in many colors? Neither did I. Kinda fun to watch after you flush, though!

The PX is kinda close, but everything else is about a 15 minute walk from where I am staying. Dining Facility is average. Lots of overcooked food. So far I have found that the smaller the size, the better the food.

I am becoming quite the traveler of the theater. So far I have been to Ali al Salem in Kuwait, Victory Base Camp, Camp Stryker, BIAP (Sather Air Base), Phoenix Base, Union III, and now Basrah in Iraq. Maybe now I can get to where I am going?

Anyway, it is now time for dinner and I have a long walk ahead of me...later!

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