Monday, January 25, 2010

Moth Balls?!?

OK, so who remembers the way that our grandmother's clothes storage used to smell?  I know that I remember that faint smell of moth balls...I thought that for some reason all of the moths had either stopped eating our clothing, learned to not worry about moth balls, or we (as a nation) just decided not to use them anymore.  After a week in Iraq I now know a few things about Moth Balls.  1)  If you put about a dozen of them in a urinal, the flies won't bug you when you pee (nor would ANY instinctive animal), 2)  My grandmothers closet didn't smell all that bad (A dozen moth balls per urinal with about 3 urinals per latrine trailer smells so bad you feel like the moth balls are in your mouth), and 3)  We must have shipped all of the US's supply of Moth Balls to the Middle East (They seem to have an endless supply).
While I am on funny smells...At most of the Baghdad locations they do not have potable water except in the dining facility and medical what do you think that we shower with and wash the floors with?  I think that they actually take the shower run-off water and use it to mop the dusty floors.  They have this obsession with keeping the floors from getting that "dusty" look, even if it means using some rather dirty water to mop it up with.  One slight problem:  IT STINKS!  The hallways (which get mopped every day) stink like the latrine should stink (which it doesn't, it stinks like moth balls)...and our rooms smelled fine (which only get mopped...well, I never saw them get mopped).

I am currently at Camp Stryker.  Home of one of the largest eating facilities I have ever seen.  Food was only average, but was it HUGE!  Building was about the size of EGHS Field House, or any High School Field House, for that matter.  PX and shops were pretty big too.  I picked up a bunch of bootleg movies to keep me entertained on this odyssey.  I am one of two officers in a 24 person transient tent.  Other guy is a doctor. Oh well, better get to watching "The Lovely Bones."


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