Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Days 1, 2, and 3 at Ft Benning

I am highly encouraged after beginning the in-processing here at Ft Benning...The Hurry up and wait mentality of the Army is alive and well!  Got up at 3:40 am to make sure I was in line to have some guy rubber stamp my paperwork for something that I already did in November, only to have to wait for the rest of the people on our bus to complete it...then they took me to another place that I didn't need to go, only to get redirected to the Medical processing.  How does the song go?  I got injected, detected, collected, inspected and all kinds of things...anyway, I now have smallpox in my left arm, Anthrax and H1N1 in my right arm and some crap in my left forearm that looked like a giant mosquito bite after they injected me.  Some kind of test for TB.  Tonight is my last night in a hotel with my wife here, so I must end it here.  Much love to all, much love!

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