Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Final Week Of Freedom

The week started out with a bit of weird news...instead of mobilizing thru the 641st like I did in November, I get to go through the Ft Benning CRC...a unit that is so huge that I have heard they treat PVT to COLs all the same (hope I at least get a room with a shower and bathroom).  Just another change in the endless changes the Army Reserves have to offer.  I am sampling the local BBQ tonight for dinner, since I am sure it will be a long time until I have proper Baby Back Ribs again.  At this point I just look forward to getting over there to get to work.  I have a clue where I am headed, but since it is set in warm jell-o, I am not going to reveal anything yet.

The big thing that is going on in my mind right now is why it is so cold in Alabama?!?  Not that I like it hot, but at least if I was able to play some golf this week, I could check that off my list of things to do before I deploy (even though I played at the beginning of December).  These ribs are delicious, btw.  Jim 'N Nick's, right next to my hotel...pretty awesome.

I am re-reading Forrest Gump for the 4th time, which I downloaded to my phone.  It should keep me in good spirits and pleasantly entertained until I get to Ft Benning.  I love that book, and highly recommend it, especially if you liked the movie...the book is waaaaaay funnier and totally outrageous.

Time to get ready for the two hour season premier of Heroes...

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