Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Iraqi Power Problem

We have a new problem here at Camp Taji, the Iraqi side, anyway.  We have turned over the generation of power, the maintenance of the generators, the refueling of the generators, all that the Iraqi Army.  Only on their side, mind you (I guess we just don't trust them yet with such logistical stuff).  Well that all started today. And, somehow due to a lack of Diesel fuel they only have enough for 2 hours per day of power at the schools here on Taji.  So at 1030 this morning...BAM, power out!  And just when it was getting nice and hot, too!  So from 0830-1030 we will have power to run our computers, our air conditioners, our lights, and our classes.  Not sure how this will impact our training...ok, I am sure.  It will royally screw the student out of much needed time in class.  Especially since we have one starting on Monday.

For those of you quick-thinkers that haven't caught on yet, let me splain it to you.  WE ARE IN IRAQ, THE SECOND LARGEST OIL RESERVE IN THE WORLD.  How is it that WE have enough diesel to run our generator farms here at Taji, and the Iraqi Army doesn't?   I don't get it.  Maybe that is why we are cutting the umbilical chord, so-to-speak, and making them provide their own stuff for a change?  They have oil, it IS getting to the where is it going?  Apparently the GoI doesn't want to give it to their own Army in fear of losing that money we were giving them for the fuel to run the generators to provide power FOR THEM?  More to follow on this caper...

Trying to watch the cubs game tonight.  What is up with them this year?  I have been unable to watch more than an inning here due to bandwidth fluctuations (or falling asleep).  Hey, its working!  Yeah!  Anyway, I am watching Soriano bat in the 2nd inning.  I hope that some of the Blackhawk Mojo rubs off onto the Northsiders.  Would be nice to have two winning teams in town again.  I like watching the commercials.  I really did miss them when the only thing I could watch was AFN.  Except for those annoying eHarmony Commercial...I HATE THOSE THINGS.  My apologies if you found your "Soul mate" on there, but those commercials are annoying.  Not sure why.

Obscure Cubs Trivia Question of the Day:  In this year, the Cubs became the first club in the 20th century to hit four home runs in one inning.  Which one is it?  a) 1906 b) 1918 c) 1930 d) 1969

Good night everyone!

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