Monday, April 26, 2010

Deja Vu all over again...

Its been a day since my last couple of posts...and I can honestly say that nothing has changed. Except maybe that the Cubs swept the Brewers in their house, and the Blackhawks pulled off one of the most amazing comebacks in history. I get to go to bed early tonight to watch the Hawks game in the morning. Over the weekend I installed yet another cable through my wall, this time with AFN traveling on it. I only get about 8 or 9 channels on it, but it does a better job of covering sports that aren't futbol (soccer). Someone stole our nice ladder, so I we had to use a metal bed frame to climb onto the roof of the CHU to run the cable. That was a fun time... This also meant I had to dig through the foam insulation that I plugged up the big hole in my wall with. Has anyone ever used the stuff before?
Is there no way to clean those spray tubes? It was a 10 dollar bottle of stuff, so I am thinking that is way too much for a single use bottle of foamy sticky stuff. So I start to play with it a little bit...this is the result. Yes, that's a foam-filled bottle!

Last night my interpreters and I decided it was time to change the codes on my descrambler box for my Satellite receiver. This was definitely an adventure in computer/internet searching. Not only did I not know what to look for, but it all of the websites that have these "Codes" are in Arabic. I had to sign up for some of them so I could download these codes, so if the FBI comes looking for me because I got a few Arabic emails, you all know why. I am definitely glad that we did, though. All of the scrambled channels are coming in fine now, and they don't cut out anymore, either! Success! So today it took only about 5 minutes for me to update my XO's decoder box (it took us a good 1 1/2 hours last night).

I am watching 24 again...even skipped dinner, so I guess that 24 Diet plan is working according to plan. I did get to play rugby last night, but the knees were not cooperating to well. It seems that I need to be more careful how I step out of my CHU now that the stairs have been temporarily removed. The knees are definitely taking the lack of stairs harder than the rest of my body.

Hopefully, I can watch some of the Cubs game before the Hawks game starts...I need to get to bed so I can wake up early.


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