Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is in the Air...

It is spring everywhere here.  Our Iraqi counterparts are going through a huge inspection next week, so we decided that this was a good time to do some spring cleaning.  We started by wiping all of our computers...I am not sure the last time this was done, but we had enough viruses on those things to bring down a small country.  Every time we plugged in one of the IA thumb drives, all kinds of bells and whistles went off with virus alerts...and our virus definition files were over a year old!  We used them, mostly, to get briefings from the Iraqi officers and then translate them from Arabic to English and vice versa.  Just about every one of those guys had viruses-a-plenty on their thumb drives.

Speaking of cleaning...I finally cleaned up my floor after all of the mud and rain that we have had over the past few weeks.  The only cleaner was a bleach-based cleaner, so now my CHU stinks of bleach.  And what I thought was a big glob of mud was really GUM!  I had this huge piece of gum that must have migrated into my CHU on someones boot so that it could avoid the rain and mud.  So, of course, I pull out a knife to try and scrape it up...and, inevitably, I cut myself with the knife.  At least I was using a plastic knife, not my Kalashnikov Spring blade...I would have slice the finger right off.  Good thing I had some liquid bandage standing by.

Friday night chapel services were quite thin tonight...only 5 of us.  That translates into about 1 full cup of wine a piece.  Not too shabby!

Didn't eat tonight, since I was cleaning.  I was having a teleconference in my CHU using Skype, and didn't want to have people over to a dirty place.  So that was another motivation to do a little spring cleaning.

Well, I have to get to bed (so I can watch some more 24).

Later all...

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