Thursday, April 15, 2010

How did that happen?

So there I am, laying in bed trying to watch the cubs game over the internet...anticipating another long night of stomach aches and trips to the latrine.  I get a rare moment of the stomach calming itself long enough that I don't want to move, and the cubs give up a bunch of runs.  Looks like they are going to lose.  My crappy internet connection goes out again and I decide that it wasn't worth it to reset the connection and potentially lose my comfy position where my stomach wasn't hurting.  So I go to bed, resigned to the fact that the cubs will still not have won two games in a row.

I woke up early, like 0300, and didn't have to drop a deuce (or a number one through the 2 hole) I was more than happy to make the trip.  Only problem was that when I fell back asleep, I didn't wake up until about 0750, and I had to get to my team before they left for work...I had to make sure that I got all the info out to them, since I would not see them all assembled until Saturday.  I looked like crap, but at least I got the info out.  Glad that they could see me with bed head and missing my sunglasses.  Turns out I may have left them at the health clinic, but that it another caper for another blog.

So it wasn't until about 1030 (yes, I went back to sleep after my 0800 get together) that I checked my email, read the daily news, etc. that I found out that the Cubbies pulled that one out last night!  How the heck did that happen?  I swear that when the cubbies are doing something good, the internet actually slows down due to the multitudes of fans logging on to bear witness, since the cubs have the widest following of any team in the world in any sport.  That's my story and I am sticking to it!  What I really need is a big "W" flag to fly in my if anyone is listening?!?!?

I am starting to miss home a little bit.  I am even missing my small little CHU on the other side with its own latrine in it.  Getting up 20 times in one night to head there will do that to a person.  I actually have only had to head there a few times today.  Rather happy about that.  I have been trying to test out the tummy to see how far I can push it.  I have had some Rice Krispy treats, some granola bars, some gummi bears, some chips and salsa, some raisins, some chocolate chip macaroons, and some peanuts with sea salt.  Still nothing.  Good.  At least I know that I am probably through this.  There are only two other times in my life I can remember hurting this bad.  Superbowl night in 1988 when I ate a bad burrito in the Hamptons the night before and spent the next day in the hospital with food poisoning; and then the time I walked Petra in Jordan...ate some bad lettuce for lunch two days prior and was walking with the emergency breaks on.  I'll leave that one for the imagination...but the donkey ride up the steps was very jarring.

Enough of the crap talk.  I am doing much better, seriously.  Thanks for all that showed some concern.  Not much else to talk about, since I haven't really left my CHU in the past two days.  Have basically been living off all of the goodness that people have sent me over the past few months.  Finally got a chance to really eat a lot of the stuff.  Thanks again to everyone that has sent me stuff.  Must get back to Cubs game!


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