Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't use Kiwi in your Daiquiri...

Had a good rugby turnout tonight.  Got 12 player.  6 on 6 is not so bad, a little less running, a little more passing, a bigger field...same amount of ice on the knees afterwards.  At least now I know where to go to get the ice now.  Right there off the side of the rugby pitch.  I am starting to get in better shape, too.  I am not panting as much anymore after training.

I am watching the cubs reds game as I write this, at least I can do that.  End of the third inning.

I am not sure what it is about April, but no matter where in the world I am, I sneeze...a LOT!  Doesn't matter that I take Claritin every day or not.  Only thing that stops it is Benadryl...and then, after about two weeks it goes away just as fast as it came.

Since I have Ice,  I can make myself a Daquiri...I went to dinner and grabbed some ribs to go.  I wanted some bananas, but they had none.  So I picked up a couple of Kiwi Fruits.  Unfortunately,  they don't taste so good with Strawberry Martguerita mix and Blue Monster.   Glad I learned this lesson in Iraq so I didn't try to make these for any of my friends.  Its amazing how many of life's lessons you can learn in a third-world country.

Don't have much more to write tonight.  Have to get my concern rays focused on the Cubbies!

Until I write again...

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