Thursday, April 8, 2010

work, Work, Work

A leader's job is never done. Supposedly, Fridays are my day off. You wouldn't know it by the amount of work I usually have to do on Fridays. Tomorrow I have a breakfast to go to at 0700, then a meeting with a high-ranking NATO guy later on in the morning...then a teleconference late tomorrow with our simulation contractor. Just another day at the office...

Maybe, one day, I will actually get to sleep in again.  But it is not all that bad.  At least I got to have some Mongolian Grill tonight with Dale's Sauce.  It was pretty damn good.  Well the rain subsided, but the wet ground continues.  It rained hard last night.  I know that it rained inside my CHU last night, but I have heard it was worse in some other peoples CHUs.  The rain was coming directly from the North at about a 45 degree angle, right at our doors.  It probably rained more last night that it had in the previous two months put together.  Good thing it is warmer now.  Maybe this will dry up in a week.  At least they put gravel down on that muddy road between us and the latrine.

Finally got a working copy of 24...midway through season 3 right now.  If there is an absolutely ridiculous impossible way to do something...Jack Bauer will find it, screw it up, then somehow pull it out in the 11th hour...rinse, repeat...for each season so far.  The first season was the best of the three so far.  I will hold my opinion until I am done with season 8, because it seems to be like a train wreck that you can't take your eyes off of.  I must say that I am, indeed, hooked.

I must get some sleep.  Night night, all.

Later on dudes and dudettes...

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