Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Morning Iraq

I decided to make a rare morning post, mainly because I have been up for a while now, and have about an hour to kill. Cubs won this morning, so I am in a pretty decent mood. I finally got my Season 5 disk of 24 to work. Not sure what the problem was, only that it finally started reading it after I watched the movie Green Zone. There was some good action, but I fear that a movie that uses an event that is still happening (OIF) to portray fictitious events, only furthers the conspiracy theories and Hollywood notions that we lied our way into the war. Enough about that. I was still entertained by it.

I think, that after watching 24 for 4+ seasons in such a short period of time, I have a new drinking game...That game would be called "Protocol." Every time you hear the word Protocol, you have to drink. And, I dare say, you would probably be dead by alcohol poisoning by the end of the one hour show if you did so... I have never, in all my years of Government service, ever heard the word protocol used so much. Over-used so much. And I want to know how so many people, in classified areas, are allowed to use their cell phones? There are reasons cell phones aren't allowed in classified areas...and for the most part, don't even work in those areas. I am not saying that I am NOT hooked on 24...just that none, I repeat, NONE of this could EVER happen. Except maybe an incompetent boob for a gots to love TV.

Today should be a short day...not much happens on a Saturday. Especially when there is no class in session. Class doesn't start up until Monday, so even Sunday will be slow. Sometimes I really enjoy the Iraqi pace...slow and not-so-steady! Sometimes living out your own personal Groundhog Day is not so bad, since you get to try what works, learn from your mistakes, and then apply those lessons tomorrow. Small bites...Plebe year trained me well.

I did, finally, get my USB 5.1 sound card, in conjunction with my 5.1 speakers, I now have 24 in 5.1 surround sound thunder! I now need to find myself a DVD that takes advantage of it! You have to love good sound. The music sounds awesome.

I need to get some stuff done before work.

Later all!

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