Monday, April 12, 2010

Bananas, on the other hand, work great!

Not much went on today.  Except that one of my interpreters went on leave, and another is going to be leaving us to take a job as a civilian working at the school.  So we really won't be losing him.  Power issues continue, but they are gradually keeping it on longer and longer.  Seems like they find a way to get things done when we cut them off from the US largess.  They have been relatively lazy for a long time, since they knew that if they drug their feet long enough the US would swoop in and bail them out at the 11th hour.  I guess that they are finally getting the hint that we won't do that anymore.

They had Bananas in the DFAC today, so I grabbed a few.  Made some Strawberry and Banana Smoothies.  I must say, Bananas work SOOOOO much better than Kiwi for a frozen concoction to help you hang on (thanks Jimmy).  Unfortunately, I am still having to use Blue Monster for the "fun" part of the drink.  Not sure it would be worth it to try any of the funny stuff, even though I know the stuff exists can get anything in Baghdad for a $1, or so my Interpreters tell me.

I must get to dinner now, want to get back in time to watch opening day at Wrigley.  Go Cubs!  I still have faith.

And good luck to the Blackhawks on their quest for the cup, too!


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