Monday, April 19, 2010

Some things just leave you with your jaw open...

Woke up rather early this morning so that I could watch the Blackhawks game.  They did not disappoint!  What a good game.  They have got to be the stingiest defense in the league.  So after the Hockey game was over, I had some time on my hands.  So I start flipping the sports channels.  This is what I see...Yes, folks, it's Camel racing.  And there are cars riding along side of them, too.  For some reason the camels need these cars to ride along side of them to keep them motivated to run fast.  And the guy making the call, I assume, is calling the race just like they call horse racing in the States...accept it is in Arabic, of course.  So he could have been shouting about how stupid this was, but I never would have known.  I have some video of it, which I may and try and upload, but will have to wait to do that until I go to sleep, since it takes so long.

Took a group Photo with some of my NCOs from the school, and one of my contractors got into it...not sure what he is doing here, but it appears that he is either about to go on a date with one of the guys, or he is trying to light the Beret in front of him on fire...

Are any other Cubs fans out there thinking that Ted Lilly isn't going to make much difference if he comes back?  I mean aside from the opening game, the starters have been doing their job...its the relief pitching that is stinking it up.  They need a solid reliever/set-up man.  If they have that guy, Marmol doesn't come in until the ninth and maybe they got out of the game with a W.   Yes, I fell I didn't actually see the 9th and 10th innings.   Not much else happening, except the new guys in charge of the Dining facility have made some changes and for some reason the food isn't as good.  Just not feeling the same love...

I need to get to bed early if I am going to get up to watch the Cubs game.  Maybe I will try and catch the Liverpool match this evening and then just sleep through the Cubs game?  Who knows, just know that I want to get this published so I can lay down.

Miss you all!


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