Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eureka...I have found the perfect smoothie!

Ah, the simple pleasures in life! Tonight one of my contractors cooked us all steak...I had mine Rare, thank you! And I even had plenty of Dale's sauce for all those that wanted it. Two of my interpreters (Slim Shady and Massey) hadn't eaten yet, so I volunteered to escort them to the dining facility so I could see if they had any pineapple. THEY DID! Awesome. So that was all I got, to take back to the CHU for some snacks while I watch the Blackhawks tonight. On my way to the table I spied some oranges, so I picked up a couple to add to my pineapple to-go box. While I am watching my interpreters woof down their food I hatch a plan for a smoothie. So I awkwardly grab a large foam cup of ice and carry it back to my CHU.

So I get back to my CHU and I change the plan. I remember that I have a little bit of strawberry daiquiri mix left, and some banana milk. So I throw all of this fresh fruit, banana milk, ice and strawberry mixer into my blender and fire it up, not knowing what to expect. WOW. I am sure that I will never again be able to reproduce this specific mixture, but it does taste excellent! I think that it was the banana milk. It added a little stability and smoothness that the Blue Monster never quite could. I really wish I could share it with someone, but I am going to have to be a little selfish on this one, since I only made about a glass and a half of the stuff.

So back to the simple pleasures...Steak for dinner, smoothie for dessert, cigars, cool evenings with the moon out. Not bad for a war zone. I would say that we deployed to a war and a garrison broke out. I hope I didn't just jinx us. Anyway, I have a few hours to kill before I watch the hockey game. I hope that all of my Chicago buddies are sending their concern rays to the United Center tonight. Here Come the Hawks...and a Cubs win would be pretty good, too.

After while, crocodiles

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