Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When it rains...

Here at Camp Taji, apparently when it POURS, inside my room no less!

I thought that I had seen it all, until the rain came pouring down the inside of my door. I was watching a movie and wasn't really paying any attention, just thought that the rain I heard seemed a bit loud for THE DESERT! So I was going to open my door and have a look-see and I could see all of the water dripping down my door. Not sure how this happened, but I think that the foam that someone once used to stop the dust from coming into the room has now become a water super-highway through the top of the door. Luckily I got a towel down before the water on the floor had time to become migratory.

We got our new NCO in today. Good to see him after these past few months...He was my NCO in Charge back at Shaibah when I first arrived. He was delayed all last night, and finally arrived when I was posting my last gem of a blog entry.

I have still not made it to the barber...maybe by Friday I will get there. We are getting our Brigadier ready for a huge inspection for the next few days, so the work should be light on the brain and heavy on the hands.

Obscure Cubs Trivia of the Day: Who's the only ex-Cubbie infielder with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

That is all for today.

Hasta la vista...


  1. I have no idea. An easier question would have been, Which ex-Cubs broadcaster .....

  2. Chuck Connors was the answer...