Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Move successful...almost

Well I successfully moved to my new CHU.  Unfortunately, I am surrounded by Zoomies.  Only these are Air Force people that don't even fly.  I am not sure what they do.  They do wear their PT clothes a lot, that is for sure.  I don't think that I even know any of their ranks, they never wear their uniforms!  And I don't think that they are officers, mainly because they all have to leave the CHU area to smoke...don't think that officers would tolerate that!  They have this awesome porch that someone built, and from what I found out, they used to hang out and smoke there...but they got told to take it outside the Pod...so there is this layer of dust covering the wood that screams of non-use.
The only thing that I don't have moved is my Satellite system.  The flaw in my plan was to share the two dishes and LNBs with my XO...and now, since I have moved, I have no Dishes to connect my stuff to.  I am going to hang on to my old room until Wed Night/Thursday morning and sleep there so I can watch the Hawks' game.  I will turn in the CHU after that game.  But then I will have to find another place to watch games 4 and beyond (if necessary).
Well, I guess that I am staying at least until December, if not January.  I was kind-of resigned to that fact, which was the whole reason that I moved...best to have a latrine if I am going to be here that long.  So not sure how they are going to work it, since no one knows what the heck is going on.  At least I get to keep two of my NCOs now!  That is really good news.  The only thing that I need to do is get them to kick their negativity habit...shouldn't be too difficult (yeah, right!).

I need to get to bed.  Talk at everyone later.

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