Saturday, June 26, 2010

I can't hold my tongue on this one...

Did anyone see the Big Z's tantrum last night?  I, personally, loved the tirade!  Tonight, for an Encore, The Lou needs to get himself kicked out of the game...I predict in the 2nd or 3rd inning. Us Cubs' fans need to stop being so much of a negative energy factory, and start just being fans again...Our love should be unconditional.  Let them work it out.  Stop selling out every freaking game if you want your displeasure to be heard.   I blame the fans for us not winning in 100 years.

Over the last 100 years, players have routinely changed over, managers have come and gone, ownership has changed, GMs have changed.  There are only two constants that have been there with the lovable losers for the past 100 years...the fans and the media, most notably, the newspapers.  

Simple randomness would have given us a team that was a winner...I really do think that it is the collective negative energy generated by the never-ending cycle of criticism and second-guessing by the media and the fans.  Yet we sell out every single game!  What message does that send?  Nothing like the sound of 40,000 boos to suck the positive energy right out of a player.  It's hard enough to get a hit 30% of the time, they don't need our discouragement on top of that!  I would rather have 1000 screaming, Positive, people in the crowd than the 40,000 negative ones.  If you want to tell management that you are unhappy with the way they are playing, don't buy the damn tickets!  They'll get the message.  But stop all the freaking whining about not winning, or how terrible they are.  It has no effect except to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Instead, may I suggest, that we pump them up with positive energy, make them believe that the impossible IS, indeed, possible.  It's easy to do when they are winning, but absolutely critical when they are losing.  The answer is not to criticize the players, but to believe in them more and make them rise up above their troubles.

I am not a positive thinking nut-job, either, but a person that believes that the impossible IS possible...the only thing that is keeping it from becoming reality is belief and vision.  Second guessing the manager, the management, or the players does nothing to encourage vision  and belief in attaining what we all think is impossible at this point.  I am just getting really tired of reading all of the negative comments by so called Die Hard Cub Fans.  They are acting like very Die EASY Cub Fans...

The season ain't over til its over (or you are mathematically eliminated)!  I hope that Big Z's tirade was a spark for a bigger flame, make them do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to get a win streak going.  It will come, I have faith.

Bleed Cubbie Blue...Bleed til they Feel it.

Go USA!  Beat Ghana!


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